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whistle restoration

restoration ruins a whistle ….true or false ??

BOTH !!!

Depends on the whistle doesn't it ??

If the whistle is no good unless restored ( i.e. banged up, stained, just plain ugly ) then restoration is a no brainer huh ??

On the other hand patina is hard to come by 🙂 And if that is all your talking about then perhaps put it off.

Personally I love nickle silver polished up and all, whereas brass and copper I prefer aged. Steel I really love when it has that darkened appearance.

Keep in mind that taking a whistle apart is risky business what with heat tolerances of the entire whistle. Unless you have a jeweler do it ?? That solder can be hard to work with.

AND heat travels into the whistle body and then all of a sudden the whole thing melts…well the solder anyway !!!

Then there is that buffing thing….buff, buff, buff…..oops no more metal !!!!

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