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whistle snobbery

What if ??

What if you come across a rarely seen, but newer whistle or even older one for that matter. What if it has some unusual manufacturing, even somewhat unique characteristics?

BUT it isn't old OR of the quality of your 'other' whistles, or it looks old and ratty ??

Would you pick it up ?? Or pass it up ?? ARE YOU A WHISTLE SNOB ??

I guess it all depends of how much of a student of whistlery you are huh ?? Cause you just may have a limited scope of what you study, right ???

I think they call those people PHDs      🙂

Anyway, to broaden ones field or scope one has to include the peripherals into their world. Really what depth does one have if limited in comparitive examples.

And there is the rub for so many of us….eclectic we say. Chooooosy. picky….we have staaaaaandards…

bottom line ?? some interesting clues may be slipping by…. And us researchers are ALL ABOUT CLUES.

For example, there is a very interesting escargot on eBay right now. Stamped Thomas E Wilson ( sporting goods ) with a V top and made of a brittle 'pot' metal. Been watching for a few weeks as it comes and goes. Listed, then relisted.

Lots of stuff there for the taking and cheeeeeeap… but no takers—-whyyyyyyy ??????


shame on us…..

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