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whistle spotlights

Just in case you were worried about further postings….yes, we continue to collect, photograph and research. Your enquiries are still fun to read and respond to. Keep ’em coming.

Of course as long as smear campaigns are used our hands are tied as to posting new articles and pictures on the website. Last check, STEALING WHISTLES and a large picture was still pointed at us from The Whistle Museum. Such comments such as monkey business and tags are being used to discount credibility.

It is our hope that soon the postings will be completely removed and there will once again be a level playing field for everyone.

Such a world we live in where hate crimes are acceptable. On our part, we will continue to try our best to stay professional.

In the mean time there are four more great articles under construction. three on group studies and one on a never before seen whistle in the special edition of the SPOTLIGHT.

They subjects are…. well wouldn’t we all like to know…

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