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whistle stophole

— one of my favorite things in whistle design is the stophole. Know why ?? Of course not, but I will tell you anyway 🙂

Although they are installed on many different designs of whistles, I love to see them on round whistles the most becaaaaaause…… wait for it ……. it makes the whistle look like a face with a cyclops eye !!! Unfortunately with the window opening it usually looks like a sad faced cylops   🙁   ….. You know, because of the frown ….

Bet you didn't 'see' that one coming did ya ??? Yeah, I know, kinda dumb. After all the stophole is for making the whistle vary in sound now isn't it ?? In fact you could even use it for Morse code, which was touted by the Boy Scout whistle supply houses.

Nah, not me. I just like collecting rounds and in the process lining up all my little soldiers on their respective hooks and then being able to look at them giving me the ONE EYE !!!!

Yup — cyclops, no winking either, very vigilant guys. Never blinking.

Now, for collectors,  the placement may help in identifying who made them, but the type of stophole ( yes there are different types ) can vary quite a bit even in a single manufacturers model. Some whistles have the hole, but nothing attached that arises out of the whistle. No it isn't missing, they just didn't want one there and so made a hole for old man Morse's code…

Makes one wonder, could a collector specialize in just stophole whistles ?? That would be a first now wouldn't it ???

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