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whistle stopholes

Another interesting whistle went by this week with a stophole in it. It was a taxi call with split windows.

As if having two windows wasn't enough the maker ( Hudson ) decided to fit it with a stophole. You know what that is right ?? The little raised hole that fits into the side or front of the whistle so that you can vary the sound of the whistle.

WHY ??

Been mulling it over all day for some reason…. Morse code you think ???

Perhaps someone would be trying to get the taxi's attention by whistling a full sentence like– Hey there taxi guy, could you pull over to the curb and pick me up ???

Now that would take some quick blowing with dots and dashes and loud ones at that, considering there might be traffic noise and other people trying to get that taxi first just by old fashioned 'fingers in the mouth whistling' or even yelling, not even whistling at all !!!..

You see these stopholes a lot on round whistles, making them look like cyclops, their staring faces looking back at you when they are hanging in your displays. Perhaps people went around 'morseing' a lot 'back in the day' as you don't see them stopholeing much these days or hear them anyway…..

For sure those boyscouts were into signaling each other as their whistles OFTEN had them stopholes. Apparently the guys were more into it them then the gals. Don't see girlscout whistles but rarely with stopholes.

When did stophole come into their own ?? It would seem about circa 1900 ?? Perhaps a bit earlier. So by the turn of the century The whistle manufacturers were primed when the scouting movement arose about 1910.

Earliest stopholes ?? We have one by Dixon pretty early… Wonder what someone was doing stopholing back then ??

Named after an artist Samuel Morse in 1836, it would seem that even if it wasn't used at first for Morse code, it was for extra signalling of SOME SORT huh ?? Cause the whistle was already a signaling device….hmmmm….makes one wonder…..

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