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whistle stuff

Been getting more and more enquiries on whistles. Just to make a note, we have been contacted about rare whistles and not so rare ones. Even a collection of electronic testers !! Wooden whistles, slide whistles police, military, mining, silver….

Interesingly enough we are seeing whistles not seen before also. THAT is what we hoped for !!! The next step is to bring them to you, our readers. We all know they are just sitting around in those cabinets and drawers huh ??

We are all set up now for you to write in and include some pictures. BUT…please remember that the pictures need to be clear and close up !!! AND from different angles if possible. That way we don't have to write back and ask for moooooooore !!!!

You can do it !!! Recently we spent some time blogging somne suggestions for taking pictures — even with your phones 🙂  —- Hope this helps us all.

Keep sending them in !!!!

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