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whistle talk

Just for the record, when you write in you gotta give your correct email !!! Otherwise it comes off like we are snooty and don't answer your questions   🙂

Recently we had to go to the internet to figure out the provider so as to be able to write back !! It bounced twice. Then we got no response to:  please confirm , that we got thru. Still don't know what happened !!!

Lost in time now….

Another vector is that if you want articles on anything to be written — suggestions are always welcome. Otherwise you might find us writing on parasitic flies like one reader is into. It just might get into the SPOTLIGHT  and then where would you be ?? Not learning about whistles that's for sure !!!!!

Or you might be able to contribute information to an article — whoa !! A collective mind developing ??? Where would that lead ?? Guess we are right back to the more we share the more that likely more whistles will surface …..

How do you like the write in changes ?? Made it more anonymous … Perhaps we can change it even more ?? Maybe make it so that when you write in,  it doesn't actually write in ?? Wait that won't work now will it ??

OK tooooooo anonymous…


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