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whistle talk

What is whistle talk ?? Hmmmm…. I guess that would mean that there would have to be some kind of verbal or written interchange between at least two people about …..  what shall we say ?? WHISTLES ??? Ya think ??????

We decided to help you be more at ease to do this, so we have modified the contact page. Now you don't have to give your name !! Furthermore you don't have to give your phone number !!! Wow totally anonymous !!! Of course an email address is involved ?? Did you want that removed too ?? Kind of a Catch-22 ??? — " I want to write, but I don't want to use my email to do it…. Maybe I could text" … oops that would take a phone number…. carrier pidgeon ?? Nah.

Give in….go for it….just a few key strokes and whistle nirvana ( noun, 3rd definition )

Unfortunately you do have to comment and that seems to be the rub. What to do ??? After thinking about it a LOT… it came to us.

It's that first sentence that is so daunting isn't it ?? No problem. Here is the answerr…. We'll comment for you…. Just pick one of the following ( there's more where these came from you guys ) and we will respond to it. Here you go….

1) Can you tell me anything about my whistle ?? ( picture attached with the handy attachment thingy )
2) How do I get started collecting without spending a lot of money ??
3) Where do I find whistles??
4) How much is my whistle worth?? ( be ready for several responses ranging from nothing,  to 'how much do you want for it' ?? )
5) Is wikipedia accurate ?? ( of course, it is on the internet isn't it ??)
6) Are all your prices firm ?? ( snuck that one in, huh ?? )

Now if you want ( just tell us 🙂 , we can post these starter questions on the website and you can even comment by number. Yeah, you know how EASY that would be ?? Go to the comment page and enter your email and perhaps pictures. Then just type say, #3 under comments.

Easy, cheesy huh ???

We'll check back tomorrow for the flood of numbers….

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