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whistle values

I was wondering if you could tell me how much my whistle is worth ??

Wow, what a landmine this is !!! Why ??Is it  because one never knows the motivation behind it. What might this be ??

1) I just want to sell it and get rich
2) I have had it for 30 years and and hoping it is not only cherished but secretly worth a fortune.
3) It wa given to me by a close friend, relative, celebrity… and I hope they spent a lot on it and it is very valuable.
4) It belonged to my great grandfather who was a guard and perhaps it is an expensive antique now like on the antique roadshow.
5) I don't knopw a thjing about whistles, is it rare ( i.e. priceless )
6) Never seen another like it ( well hardly ever looked and even if I did they aren't very common ) undoubtably worth a mint.

yup, in the end almost aaaaaaalways money….

Here is for those of you who honestly care about your whistle….it isn't about money, BUT—

It may be rare. It may be valuable, or not. It may be unique or common — but what is attached may be priceless.


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