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whistle wars

well, catching up after all the bloodbath about whistles from the Whistle Museum. Posted the last response ( well if you don't count contacting our attorneys about international laws on defamation of character ) and now to hopefully press on and return to a wonderful hobby. Antique whistles.

Gotta admit that there are a lot more whistles than we will ever get to. Metal only, no tin remains to be our arena. Could never afford them all anyway, and most of us can't either.

So there will be some reworking of the website. Just isn't worth all the hassle to work up the articles and get slammed for it. So research and writing will have to be for private use. Perhaps on request from collectors ?? Might be a nice thing to do. Will have to kick that around.

The website was fun for a while. Hope what was posted is informative for all and helpful for the furture. We'll leave it up for everyone, including our answers to the 'blog'

Bought a round whistle pretty cheap today on a BUY IT NOW….wonder if we will go to whistle hell after being excommunicated from the clergy of the Whistle Museum…..??

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