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whistle wars on eBay

251311667000 is a slavation army escargot that sold for almost 100 dollars US recently on eBay….in November a Barrall escargot — the only one known of its model sold for 210 dollars US.on eBay

What do you think ?? Does it pay to study the movement of whistles ?? To keep records ??

The knowledge that you pick up from websites, books and interchange well equips you to know when to pay the extra and when you are just spending money and probably going to feel buyer remorse !!!

We all make mistakes, but the battle is to prepare for battle ahead of time.

Let's review now…

A fairly common Hudson escargot from 1930s 5 decades after the Salvation armies inception…


an extremely rare Barrall escargot within as close as 21 years after the Salvation Armies begginning …. circa – 1886- 98 ??

100 dollars or 200 dollars ??

Which is the better whistle purchase ?? All we are saying is to save your money and make your purchases count. Do your research. Connect with other collectors. keep notes. keep pictures.

Back to the front….

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