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whistle wars on eBay

The whistle wars on eBay continue to rage. However you may think that the war is rather limited in scope?? You would be right !!! But in what way ??

Recently the war has escalated, but yet to only two opposing sides of only one person each…. or perhaps even just one.

A very rare asylum whistle by Hudson went for a new record high. Granted some obscure Tiffany silver whistle or other uncatagorized whistle might eclipse this prtice, but this one reached almost 1500 dollars straight up on auction !! This raises the bar again after only a few weeks ago a similar model, but differently stamped police whistle went for 1200 dollars or so.

What is the point ?? That prices are rising for the 'best'. Also the field of competition is narrowing. In reality though there is no competition. For you see the same winner that took the rare Brookwood escargot/beaufort took within a day a rare labarotory whistle connected to Galton for almost another 500 dollars !!!
So for some money buys ALL the best whsitles. But you don't have to let this push you out.

What is a whistle geek to do ?? It's all about choices isn't it ??

1) pay a lot more for the best whistles
2) look in remote places and get them for far less
3) by the cheaper ones

Let's explore the last one ( number 3 ) — why would I want cheap whistles ?? Well, with an educated eye a cheap whistle isn't without merit !!!

Remember, it is 'whistory' that should drive you, not accumulation !! And certainly not competition. What do we mean by WHISTORY ??

The study of whistles and their history: models,makers,vintage,rarity,uses….stay focused….


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