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whistle wars on eBay

Auctions are fun aren’t they? The whistle world is no different.


It’s all about strategy. One can go head to head and of course the one with the most money will always win. Of course, that isn’t the way things really work is it ?? ( Ever read about auction houses? Fascinating how they work.)


Otherwise all the best whistles would go to one person wouldn’t they and where would we be ?? All would be listening to just one person controlling everything. What if there was only one musician in the world ?? Great for his sales BUT….hoe would you like to listen to their choice of music for you ?

The more the better for all don’t you think ?? Think of how much we could learn and share !!! Wouldn’t it be grand if there were 10 different websites on whistles ??

Well, it would grand for the majority. But there is always that one person who wants it all. What do you mean you say ?? Good question.

Take for example a whistle bought on eBay that sits with no bids for a week. The day before the auction ends they decide to sell at almost 20 times the original opening bid on a BUY IT NOW. Now remember it has had NO BIDS at all so far. Plenty of time to voice ones desire.

Would you call that stealing on a BUY IT NOW ?? — How about if someone wrote the seller AFTER, crying about it, slandering, retaliating by posting, posting, posting and then offered double to stop the sale and then sell it to them instead ??

Of course they could point to how much money they have spent on other whistles, yet offer the seller a fraction — Who is the real thief ?? You decide….

Beware of wolves in sheep’s covering…

whistle wars on eBay…

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