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whistle wars on eBay

finally got some time today after responding to all the lies and accusations from the White Knight of Whistle Museum !! Protector of rare whistle pricing. Well at least for all others. But have to try. At least one more time. So, ‘continuing saga’ is posted
Perusing eBay spotted this nice Porteous top Dowler Leeds police >> 360815843287
Really great BUY IT NOW price, but alas, haven’t gotten permission from Avner Strauss to buy it. Perhaps it is too low of a price ?? Don’t know. Scared.
Guess we could go ahead and buy it and then when it comes up on his watch list ( must be pretty lengthy ) he can always contact them afterwards and assess it for them. Then they can cancel the bid and refund our money ( again )
Saw a three flat knop escargots for a good deal. Thought of writing them if they did not sell and ask for a BUY IT NOW price for all three ?? Each at 19 dollars perhaps 50 dollars for the bunch ?? Those we could then resell to beginning collectors here locally.
Whoah, that would for sure bring the internet whistle police man to our door !!!
No BUY IT NOWs without permission from GUIT100 ( God Uf Internet Trading )
We’re just hoping that we will be allowed to even bid on whistles at all. Even worse what if we can’t post any articles on the website ?? Oh wait, too late !!!

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