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whistle wars on eBay – police whistle breaks $1000.00 barrier

Whistle prices are climbing for sure. Are you investing in them yet ??  —- Ground floor still !!!!!

A police whistle went for 1200 dollars on eBay today !!! Granted it was a very rare whistle and even rarer stamp to boot. And it was forced up through the stratosphere by just three bidders, the third place bidder doubling the closest ones after those three.  But of course that is the best of the best in whistle collecting these days. —- Yet keep in mind, it broke a thousand dollars !!!

Most whistles are a fraction of that — and many rare whistles can be had for a song ( cheap 🙂

This last week we picked up a rare bosun and rare railway brass two combination NER whistle for under 200 dollars !!! In the hobby world that is chicken feed for the rarest items.

This would compare to being able to buy rare sports card for the bubble gum price 🙂

The best going deals on the market …. just gotta keep your eyes open….

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