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Whistle Wars on eBay — the winchester whistle

gotta ask ?? What is it about Winchester whistle stamps that drives peoplie crazy ??? There is an escargot ( i.e.Winchester 1806 on eBay ) that with a different stamp would be no more than 20 dollars,  now going for 175 and heading for hundreds of dollars !!!!!!

WHY ?????????????????????????????????

And there you have it….like my friend taught me about real estate when I said that no house is worth what a seller was asking for it –his reply ?? " It's worth what it will sell for."  Plain and simple.

We are not talking about different whistles though, but the exact same whistle with a different stamp on the front.

Winchester, schminchester !!! That's the irony here in the whistle world….another escagot could be MUCH RARER and sell for a pittance.


The good news ?? You can still find —- all the time — rare whistles cheap !!!! Well, unless you want that name brand….

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