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whistle wars on eBay — whistle restoration

been watching the constant flow of whistles on eBay as of late ?? Super whistles too !!!

Rare whistles, variety, in fact a whole collection of them !!!

Probably been cherished too. So much so that they have been polished up to almost new !! Well,except for the plating around the edges where one can see the underneath coming through.

What do you think of polishing a hundred year old whistle ??? Sorta in between a rock and a hard place ?? Not new and not old !!!


What do they call that stuff from age on metal ?? Oh yeah patiiiiiina…. Takes yeeeeeeears to get it too. A nice darkening of the skin color 🙂  —- maybe like a tan ??

Now let's take someone with a dark tan and polish them up so they are shiney white – ish and voila !!! Buffed !!!

Perhaps like me you don't want to bid on these old but new looking, polished ones. Not like new condition in the original box. nooooo…

buffed with all the edges rounded off……

Haven't seen the selling either…..

just opinions though, no big deal…


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