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whistle wars on eBay

lost another great one today. Yup, went to war on eBay !!! Lost to a world class collector — see you aren't the only one. Can't say I gave it my best shot, as I was the one killed !!!

Wasn't even a whistle now was it ?? No, but a very rare siren. 1907 – first of Hudson's — check this out !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( some drama first ) >>>>>> 271143240999

Went for over 300gbp !!!! What great pictures from the king of whistles though – Leif Baily. He sells terrific whistles and you can also check out his website in the UK.

Well, I guess it will be another 5 years before another surfaces.

One thing is consistent about eBay — we lose  a LOT !!!!!!!!

Come to think of it I lost a couple other sirens I really wanted last year…..Hmmmmmm……

sensing a pattern here…………gotta keep telling myself that I collect whistles…..


sirens are NOT whistles, they are not whistles, they are not whistles…..

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