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whistle wars — tug of wars

Do you know what creates the most ardent wrestling for whistles ?? A tug of war !!!

How does that happen ?? Well, attach a corkscrew to a whistle and watch the fire works !!!
Yup, ———– out come the corkscrew guys ( and girls ? )


Put an extractor or hunting gadget on a whistle and out come the gun guys ( and girls ? )


Make a whistle into a vesta and …you guessed it out come the vesta…well you know…

Or a compass

Or a knife

Or it may simply be a boatswain — and it's the nautical guys ….well, and girls….

Or a tobacco related whistle ( sorta like the vesta catagory, but just as idiosyncratic )

And what makes it sooo volitile is that the whistle guys and of course girls almost always back down !!! RISE UP !!! Capture those soldiers !!!!

These are spoils of war and after all they are WHISTLES aren't they ??

Or are they ??

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