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whistle wars

To be sure, whistles on the internet can be bloody !!! How so ?? Sometimes the competition gets to us doesn’t it ??

Accusations can fly and things done that really cause damage. Perhaps in the heat of the moment. No doubt all collecting is that way. THINGS get elevated above people don’t they ?? How sad.

However at times there is reflection and perhaps mercy. Bygones can be bygones.

Having been hammered by internet postings isn’t the end of the world of whistles. It of course goes on regardless. However, to continue to play together as ‘adults’ there must be a level playing field.

Take for instance the site that slays people for the love of whistles:
Stealing Whistles On Ebay, Rare One Known Whistle.
Posted by WHISTLE MUSEUM at 10/30/2013 6:28 PM
Categories: By Continent or Country:British English:American, By Shape:Unique, A whistle at a time, Only one known to exist, By Material:Metal & Brass
Tags: eBay Monkey Buisness Leonard McDowell Wip-l

Can The Whistle Gallery just roll with it?? NO. A reputation is to be guarded at all costs. Even if it costs ones website. So we check occasionally to see if the last has been removed yet, but alas still available to the world.

Will we return like for like ?? NEVER. Our actions set the standard for our children and friends.

Recently we talked with a long tome collector who has his own site. He purchased a whistle outside of auction. Perhaps he is next to be slandered by the Whistle Museum ??

Who is next ??

So far two articles have been lost to the world of whistle collection…

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