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whistles and aftermath

still recovering from the weekend  ( last ) at the Portland Expo ) !!! Not only setting up takes its toll but breaking down and then re mounting everything at home. Whew !!!

Such a contrast of buyers in whistledom. One customer will walk up and pay whatever the tag says — no questions asked. ( We took a rare Gillies whistle by mistake when loading and so we put a little stronger price to discourage its sale and it jumped off the rack and is now gone !! SOLD 🙁

Another will look and question and sift through till just the right whistle. Then decide to think about it, laboring for a few hours, then circle back around to offer me half price — less than I paid for it !!! What can a person be thinking that we are there for ?? Weird huh ??

Another was mentioned in the Oregonian article, just want a whistle or two to set off his terrific 18th century dresser top. No more no less !!!

The strangest was when a friend picked out several hundred dollars worth of whistles and just about to pay when called away for an emergency !!! We certainly hope that everything went well. Hopefully. Whistle matter for nothing when it comes to family.

Well back to research soon. In the meantime it is reorganizing time….


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