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whistles and more whistles

— really trying to keep things proffessional in dealing with buying and selling whistles, yet it is difficult. However to stay so requires many things besides just whistles doesn't it ?? Like being honest. Like having integrity.

For example in buying and selling honestly one has to keep very accurate records numbering and recording every whistle ( we prefer to number them all and use a terrific EXCEL sheet to do so.

Even more work,  a picture of each whistle is taken, whether it is a worthless one or valuable one, if audited there needs to be a record. So every whistle that comes in here gets a file number, picture and EXCEL entry !!! ( Then of course mis-entries are agonizingly difficult to straighten out !!!

Recently we were accused ( again ) of stealing another whistle. However this time we were also accused of not paying our taxes.

 Add to this a misqoute saying we never make money. I suppose it goes without saying that to defray costs one has to make some money, ergo the word defray. Profit would be the bottom line wouldn't it ?? THEN you pay taxes on any profit PER whistle !!!

So to sum up this over explanation — we buy a lot, we sell some off, we pay taxes on what we sell off and we lose money every year !!!
We DO get to keep the best whistles and that is what we write about.

Once again entirely without proof or any kind of knowledge of such, a slanderous statement is thrown out there. The internet is a fine way to learn and communicate, but what a terribly destructive avenue it can become.  Of course retaliation would seem appropriate, but that would not be right to do.

Sooooooo……..Rest assured paying taxes is the right thing to do and we have always paid taxes on our sales. In fact the allowable tax deductions and write offs are the only reason we are able to sell as a hobby business. Certainly not to make money.

For example, if accused of 'stealing' a Winchester whistle one simply checks ones records…

Once again foooor the record, we bought a Winchester 1805 on a BUY IT NOW on eBay for a remarkable 5 dollars ( the best deal we ever saw–ever !!! )

Then a Winchester 1806 for 90 dollars which was usually 200 dollars.

Then a Winchester 1805 ( large, really regret letting that one go, but the construction is exacly like a 'reach' or referee' stamp ) – $266.38

Adding up to >>> $361.38 and we sold all three on eBay for 1200 dollars  On a BUY IT NOW !! Then we saw them sold for even more on the internet as the same set !!! Boy those Winchester nuts !!! Guess we sold them too cheap !!!!

Whats the point ?? It is easy to accuse, slander, even attack ones nationality or even lower, their religion.

What do you think ?? Was this the kind of communication that the net was designed for ??


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