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Well, another show at the Portland Expo and this summer we have a corner booth !! LOTS more rare,antique whistles for sale. TWO large boards with a variety mixed together.

One section will be dedicated to Metropolitan Police whistles dated WW1

One case will be for Rare and another for VERY Rare whistles —  if you have aspired to that level. If not, it is always fun to peruse what is out there. Then there will be a case for new arrivals, so you can see what pops up or ones that you haven't seen just yet.

We loaded up an electronic picture frame that holds just over one hundred pictures of a variety you would probably never see unless we brought them in. Saves time and space at the booth and yet shares potential for the serious or just curious collector and student of whistles.

Posters will be for sale to save you mony and the trouble of searching forever !! Yup, all the whistles you would want in a case ( well picture of a case anyway ) on your wall for a fraction of the cost 🙂

This year we will be bringing a LOT of books and even have a discount for the expo if you want a set of three.

To go along with this interesting hobby please check out the website SPOTLIGHT on whistle chains tied in this month. LoTS of pictures and a great article that took a long time to put together for your enjoyment.

C YA !!!

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