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whistles for sale

one of the best things going to keep whistle prices down is coming from an unlikely source it now seems !!!

The Post Office !!!

How is that we wonder ??

Well, what does one do when wanting to buy a whistle and a seller says that they only send by signed for delivery.

Well and good for the seller, as they are assured that their whistle gets to its destination and they don't have to worry about any claims.

However what is the cost ?? Hardly does anyone want to pay all the extra cost ( and it can be easily over 20 dollars US )

So, let's do the math….10 dollar whistle, perhaps 20 dollar whistle now doubles !!! Or a 40 dollar whistle now is 30% more !!! Not rocket science when you see a whistle for sale and it sits at a low price and then sells at a low price.

Interestingly we have bought hundreds of whistles in the last few YEARS and not one has gone missing.

The conclusion ?? We buy less. We watch postage.


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