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whistles for sale

Getting ready today for our sell off of whistles in Portland. Really nervous this time. We have been reducing our own antiques there by selling them off too, so we don't have so complicated a life here at home.

THIS time we are going all out with whistles !!! Nothing but whistles !!! We have expanded to FOUR glass cases and some other things like T-Shirts and posters with our name on them 🙂 ( you can write for them direct too…. )

So, what if we bomb out ?? Dunno…. Time to make the jump though.

So one case will be for new arrivals for sale, one case for VERY rare whistles for sale,  the third for rare whistles — variety  AND the fourth is 'the collectors case' for rare makers ( police and GSWs ).

Then there are two double back boards like in our reference collection with inexpensive utility whistles up to and just short of rare ones. We also have sections for sports whistles, scout whistles, boatswain whistles, beaufort whistles, Porteous whistles

Well, you get the picture. Should we sell off our growing collection of Horn, Antler, Bakelite whistles ?? I am up to 9 now ?? I am soooo ashamed !! Yup I have sold out to the dark side, NON metal !!!!! But they are sooooo cool !!! And they can come a lot larger many times. Four or more inches !!! Next will be ivory and bone If not careful —- help !!!

We'll see how it goes …. Friday is early sales for the most eclectic…

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