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zinc escargot whistle

Got an interesting enquiry about a zinc escargot whistle yesterday. It is stamped Thunderer and has a V top. The insert to the mouthpiece is brass as well as the V, but the main body is zinc.. One of those whistles that is rare but not worth much ?? It has Tryon stamped to one side. — A sporting company from the states.

It's in More Whistles on page 25, but stamped differently as Officer's Call.

So anyway, it reminded me of one in Whistle Notes ( I know, haven't posted it yet ) out of Jim Fitch's collection. Same whistle again, but with Thomas E. Wilson stamped on it. — A sporting company from the states also.

These whistles are not common and rather cheaply made. Apparently not helping their survival rate at all !!! However that is not what is so interesting. In this case it is the stamps.

Gilchrist states that they are circa 1930s, yet Tryon was merged about 1931 ?? Beyond that Thomas E. Wilson stamps were much earlier ( circa 1920 ?? ) They quickly changed to just Wilson.  

So a conundrum exists now !!!

It's great questions and subjects like this that lead to uncovering delectable morsels of whistle trivia.

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